American Peanut Council Bulk Bag

The Totebag Task Force establishes uniform specifications and procedures for tote bags that allow the industry to reduce costs and increase efficiency so that they could be used by the entire industry, minimizing inventory issues, and guaranteeing a common package for all U.S. peanuts.

The most standard specification was adopted by the APC Board in 2013. This includes many improvements in breathability of the woven polypropylene totebag. Along with these improvements Capro Industries is proud to be an APC member and an approved supplier to the peanut industry. Along with testing certifications from Diversified Testing Laboratories, Inc., our state of the art facility is one of the most modern and integrated in the industry, with certifications to handle bags as technical as food and pharmaceutical grade production. Capro Industries is actively working on an RFID tracking system to ensure complete traceability throughout the handling process.
The FDA Grade Peanut bulk bag is produced in a clean manufacturing system that ensures your FIBC's are free of any foreign contaminants with 100% inspection at every stage.
All the fabrics are ultrasonically cut and folded to the outside to reduce potential contamination. They are produced under strict compliance with HACCP, BRC, and AIB Standards.