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Bulk Bag liners and flexible films

We provide a wide range of liners and pallet covers customized to meet your unique specifications.  They include box, drum, and FIBC liners, as well as, a variety of stretch films and pallet covers.

Designed to protect your product against moisture, sunlight, odor, residue and other contaminants, our liners and flexible films come in a wide range of styles, and gauges.  

Along with our standard poly liners, “Specialty Liners” such as anti-static, food grade, clean room grade, and foil liners are also available.

Stretch wrap film, ventilated film, net film, hand wrap, machine wrap, and pallet covers complete our range of flexible film options.

When you buy your liners, stretch wrap and pallet covers from Capro Industries, you buy the assurance of quality.


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