How safe is your bulk bag?

Is a safety label enough?

Is losing Thousands of Dollars of Product worth it?

Are you willing to bet your safety and those of others?

Does your bulk bag stand up to the elements?


There is a lot more that goes into the construction of a Bulk Bag (FIBC). One key factor; however, is the quality of the raw material, and the exact formula required to make quality fabric that is durable, pliable, and resistant to the real life exposure to light, temperature and other environmental influences in different climates where FIBCs are being used.


Capro Industries has been dedicated to promoting end-user safety and the correct handling and use of FIBC for twenty years.


Find out if your bulk bag is truly safe to use.


Capro Industries is offering a FREE UV test ($ 1200.00 value) to see if your current FIBC meets the Capro Safety Standards.

Contact our packaging experts today at 1-800-935-3422 and get your complimentary test.