Multi-Wall Packaging

At Capro Industries, we are interested in all of your packaging needs.  Capro Industries would like to introduce our full line of Multi-Wall packaging (Pasted Valve, Pinch Bottom, Sewn Open Mouth, and Pasted Open Mouth) that will assist with all of your packaging applications.  Whether it is for food grade or industrial products, Capro Industries trained packaging experts can assist you with a trial order to make sure all of your expectations are met.  

Here at Capro, we can offer something no other Multi-Wall packaging company can provide you within the industry. Our flexible inventory programs allow you to only pay for your bags as you release them. Please inquire about our inventory programs that can save you upfront costs as well as inventory space in your warehouse. 

We look forward to hearing from you. We are standing by to help you with your initial trial order.  We are dedicated to get you into the perfect package the first time and give you the most outstanding customer service in the industry. Call now and get connected with one of our packaging experts today!  1-800-935-3422

Stay tuned for our upcoming blog post featuring our

Multi-Wall Kraft Pinch Bottom bag!

by Mark Stone