CIRCULAR fibc bulk BAG

FIBC’s are one of the most cost effective and ideal types of packaging for handling, shipping, and storing dry bulk products for weights up to 5000 Lbs.

An excellent substitute to the 4-Panel and U-Panel FIBC. The circular construction is ideal as an unlined choice for fine and absorbent material.

The circular design, by nature, eliminates side seams, which result in improved stability, sift and moisture resistance, better surface uniformity, and improved stack-ability.  Additional costs saving features include 'Stay Open' loops for easy forklift and pallet-free handling.

Weight: Up to 4000 Lbs.

5 to 115 Cubic Feet

Industries Served
Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food, Aggregates and Mining.


To help you choose a standard size bag, our cubic calculator is a great place to begin.

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